Huron SD
Saturday, June 29, 2019     From:  7:00 AM  To: 10:00 PM


Below is the National webiste that has all the packet information on it.


Please use this link for the Jr. High National Finals Schedule:


Huron SD
Sunday, June 23, 2019     From:  8:00 AM  To: 7:00 PM


Suggestions for Nationals


  • Fill out nationals paperwork at state finals when qualify
  • Both parents will need to sign paperwork at state finals for nationals
  • Check for stalls and camping will be due at state finals for nationals
  • Fill out sign-up sheets at state finals after qualify for nationals:
    • Contact information is essential for communication
    • Volunteer sheet for nationals
    • T-shirt size sheet
    • Colorado Flags
  • Get your nationals shirt at state finals to wear at the mandatory meeting/pictures at nationals
  • Cinch Team members bring your Cinch Team shirt to nationals for Cinch Team Pictures
  • You will need coggins, health, and brand papers
  • Seniors and 8th graders apply for Scholarships!  Transcripts, essay, etc
  • Cowboy Crisis Fund:  Each year, the states who compete at nationals donate items for the silent auction that raises money for the Cowboy Crisis Fund.  The top two highest selling baskets earn their premium spot for their state’s camping for the next year at nationals.
  • If you have any connections on getting something donated that would be popular for the crowd at nationals, mainly parents of contestants, we are looking for you! 
  • A few years ago our junior high basket included a guided fishing trip and other items.  It ended up 2nd place in the nation and earned their pick of camping the next year!
  • In 2017 at Gillette, Pennsylvania had a Colorado trip in their basket with a kayak and it brought more than the Colorado basket!

Helpful items: 

If want to rent a golf cart book early online

Non-competitors can purchase a wristband ahead of time and save $ or can pay per performance

Fans for horses and electrical extension cords

Maybe mats for stalls


50/30/110 Electrical adaptors for camping and extras in case it “walks away”

Lock for tack

Fly Spray

Manure fork


Long hose

Rug spikes

Greetings, Friends!
I thought I would take this opportunity to just remind you of a few Foundation details before you leave:
  • The Foundation will award the Cinch Academic Scholarships to one outstanding 8th grade cowboy and one outstanding 8th grade cowboy, as well as Foundation Scholarships to the Top Ten in the 8th grade qualifier Cinch Academic scholarship competition.  This applications are due to the Gist booth in the Trade Show no later than Sunday at 6:00pm.  Applications should be completed online, printed, signed and submitted with transcript/grade cards and other required documents, per the application. The fillable application is available on the NHSR Foundation website at https://nhsrfoundation.org/forms and on the NHSRA Website at https://www.nhsra.com/programs/foundation-scholarships/. It is a very simple process, so please encourage your “Straight A’s” eighth graders to apply.  All of the necessary info is on the application.
  • The Foundation funds the additional 8th grade finalists’ scholarships with the revenues of the “Daily Silent Auctions”, Monday through Friday, at the Foundation booth.  This is located in the Women's Building, along with the Official Posting Boards, Acentric Photo and Video, and the Rodeo Office.  Please consider donating or have your contestants donate a few items for the Daily Silent Auctions.  Anything goes!  It does not have to be relative to your state or province, although those are always popular items.  Suggestions are tack, jewelry, art, decorations, handcrafted items, tools, cookware, really anything!  As the week progresses, the interest increases, so please consider bringing something for these daily auctions.  We close at the end of each day, before the night perf, and open with a fresh set of items each morning.  It’s fun and it is a great fundraiser for scholarships.
  • Also, Monday through Friday, we sell 50/50 tickets at both perfs and draw at the evening perfs.  We do need volunteer parents’, contestants' and siblings' help with 50/50 sales and there is a draw to determine which associations help on which days.  I will also discuss this when the Directors meet on Saturday.

If you have questions on any of this - scholarships, Daily Silent Auctions, 50/50 Sales - or anything else about the Foundation, please email, call or text.  I am happy to assist.