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NHSFR Horse Check In Notification

Vesicular Stomatitis (VSV)-Indiana serotype has recently been found in horses in Texas, New Mexico and, most recently, Colorado. Because of this, Wyoming State Veterinarian Dr. Jim Logan has implemented a 72-hour health certificate requirement on susceptible livestock being imported from any state where VSV has been diagnosed in the previous 30 days. This requirement is effective immediately.

Additionally, livestock originating from a state or area where VSV has been diagnosed must have the following statement recorded on the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection by the issuing accredited veterinarian: “All animals identified on this certificate have been examined by me and found to be free from clinical signs of Vesicular Stomatitis. These animals have not been located on a premise where Vesicular Stomatitis has been diagnosed within the past thirty (30) days.”

Please note if you are in transit and unable to obtain a new health certificate there will be some leniency during horse check in.  That being said, if at all possible we’d encourage you to get a new health certificate that includes the statement.

Shae Lux-Horse & Livestock Coordinator

Sweetwater Events Complex

Office: 307-352-6789 x115    Cell: 307-389-5618


Please relay to your contestants… 

Your state’s stall placement are on asphalt, as the majority of our stalls are an asphalt base.  One exception being the Stud Stalls – which have mat flooring already. 

All stall rentals are 10x10 and receive three (3) bags of shavings that are in each stall prior to your arrival.  Stall mats are available for rent at, mats reserved prior to your arrival on grounds will also be in your stall before you arrive.

Contestants are able to bring their own mats or bed with extra shavings as well. 

Also. I am attaching an information note regarding horses being housed off site and the process-ALL horses must check in through the check in process. 

Please let Erika or I know if you have any additional questions.

Thanks and safe travels.

Shae Lux

Horse & Livestock Coordinator, Sweetwater Events Complex

Suggestions for Nationals

  • The Foundation will award 38 named, honorary and memorial scholarships totaling $54,250, in addition to the $500 Foundation scholarships this year.  Graduating senior NHSFR qualifiers, exiting high school this year, are eligible for a minimum $500 scholarship, if their official application is received timely, is complete, and they participate in the mandatory scholarship interviews on Wednesday at 1:00pm.  The applications are due to the Foundation Room in the Exhibit Hall no later than Sunday at 6:00pm.  Applications should be completed online, printed, signed and submitted with transcript/grade cards and other required documents, per the application. The fillable application is available on the NHSR Foundation website at and on the NHSRA Website at
  • Foundation scholarship funding is made possible through the Monday through Friday 50/50 sales and the Live and Silent Auctions on Thursday at 1:00 in the Exhibit Hall.  Please consider donating an auction item and encourage your qualifiers to do the same. Truly, anything goes! It would also be helpful for you to explain that this is NOT the same as the Crisis Fund Baskets.  Both are important, but each year there appears to be a misunderstanding.  The Crisis Fund Baskets support the Crisis Fund and the Foundation Auctions support scholarships. 

Helpful items: 

If want to rent a golf cart book early online

Non-competitors can purchase a wristband ahead of time and save $ or can pay per performance

Fans for horses and electrical extension cords

Maybe mats for stalls


50/30/110 Electrical adaptors for camping and extras in case it “walks away”

Lock for tack

Fly Spray

Manure fork


Long hose

Rug spikes


**Please share the suggested ordering date for your State with your state champions. This is only a suggestion to ease traffic flow & wait time. We understand that the participants have very busy schedules during the week, so it is only a suggested order date.

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