Lancaster Event Center Fairgrounds
Sunday, July 18, 2021     From:  7:00 PM  To: 10:00 PM


Stalls on concrete will have stall mats already.  There will be stall mats available to rent once the contestants get on site.

Melissa Wolf


National High School Finals Rodeo!

I have received some information from a competitor family about them bringing a super sleeper semi cab along with their living quarters and I just wanted to make sure that everyone is aware that we will not have space for these in the normal campground. You will have to park the extra rig on the perimeter of the campground, since there will not be additional room in your site. Unless you have an outside campsite, it will most likely have to be parked away from your original site.

We are accommodating the best we can but our campground is built for Dullay trucks pulling campers/living quarters and RV’s, not semis!

Thanks for your understanding!

Erin Witte



We are excited to see you and your teams very soon!

Wanted to give you answers to the TOP TEN QUESTIONS we are hearing as your facility hosts to forward to your team that we think everyone will find helpful as they head to Lincoln:

Online pre-order now to make horse check-in go faster:
  • Purina Feed ONLY available by pre-order online by 7/12
  • Shavings—remember 3 bags pre-bedded in each stall, this is for extras want to have ready to pickup at arrival with less wait
  • Hay—some types may sell out, order your favorites now
  • Online ordering ends July 12--then Shavings/Hay for sale all week at General Store in Pavilion 2 Stalling Barn
  1. Welcome to Lincoln Day—reserve adult tix now
    • Saturday, July 12th all day and ending with Ride into the Railyard event downtown
    • State Directors are invited to intro their Top Cowgirl/Top Cowboy on stage—just register when you get there during the event
    • Click on link to see list of the offers from businesses all day and all week—more being added daily
    • Youth enter the event free but adults encouraged to get their $5 concert tix now to reserve a space, the event may sell out
    • Be sure to invite your friends/family to arrive in Lincoln by Saturday to enjoy this fun day & evening
  2. NHSFR Performance Tickets
    • Be sure to get your “All Season” Wristband for entrance to All Performances ordered to save time on arrival
    • Online advance wristband sales with best pricing of 44% savings ends on July 14th
    • Individual perf tickets now on sale for each perf—order online any time to save time in line and present copy on paper or screen at gate to scan
  3. Horses & Stalling
    • “original” papers are NOT needed—as long as the photo or copy of the health and Coggins papers includes what was asked for in the contestant packet, they will be good
    • CLARIFICATION:  All horses, including all Nebraska horses, WILL be required by State law and/or by Lancaster Event Center Fairgrounds to provide health and Coggins papers
    • Top answers on stalling, rubber mats, etc. here
    • Remember to encourage to bring stall mats if desired if want on dirt, rock or grass stalls.  Concrete stalls come with mats but there are few of these.
    • Lease/Loan Horse needs—be sure to join NHSFR Lincoln Horse Lease & Loan group to get connected to local owners
  4. Golf Carts / Parking near Stalls
    • As golf carts contracted by NHSRA have run out as happens most years, we’ve been getting questions on golf cart exceptions—these need to be addressed by your NHSRA office in Denver.
    • Vehicles are allowed across the entire grounds except right in the compact Stalling Area.
    • We’ve updated our maps to show the closest parking to stalls is Lot C south and there is an active loading area on Gate 1 driveway. 
    • The Trailer Parking area is handy next to the Stalling Area as well for your tack storage and load in/out convenience. 
    • You may go by vehicle, horse, golf cart, or by foot easily between the Stalling and Trailer Parking Areas.
    • See new NHSFR Lincoln pocket guide which includes a map to answer “Where can we park next to the stalling area?”

AND a list of all the facility services/locations/hours as well as key NHSRA services & happenings.

  1. Camping
    • We have placed all contestant families (from original allocations and cleared the wait lists as well!) into the full service campgrounds on the fairgrounds. 
    • The only remaining spots are in dry camping where we have some folks across Havelock Avenue. 
    • Additional dry camping reservations can be made here as well as see other lodging options including hotels offering NHSFR discounts (there are more hotels, just search online in zip code 68507)
    • Want to make a reservation for your first sewer truck pump out?  Or water fill for dry camping?  Reserve pump outs & water fill here by 4 pm daily for service the next day.
    • Rental RVs—join NHSFR Lincoln RV Rentals Needed group on Facebook to be connected with local RV owners
    • Early arrival allowed only for rented RVs—have local RV owner contact Erin Witte at 402-4451-3860 to make an appointment for early move-in before Contestant Check-in if they prefer to beat the rush—they will need name of contestant sent in on the State Secretary Camping Team Reservation form.
  2. Horse & Golf Cart & ADA Access on Grounds
    • Grounds map has been updated to show where horse and golf cart paths are reserved to make it handier and safer for everyone to get around.
    • Print this map 11x17 for best viewing
    • There will be ADA parking near all major doors and full ADA seating access for each of the four performance arenas.  We do NOT have any mobility assistance devices, please bring with you.
  3. Weather Forecast
    • Looks to be in the 90’s when everyone arrives—typical Nebraska summer weather with a gusts of wind or a short thunderstorm can pop up but looking pretty calm for now!
    • We’ve got plenty of air conditioned spots including the Rodeo & Equine Expo, Business Center, CINCH Town with fun stuff to do & places to sit (see map).
  4. Good eats planned on grounds
    • We’ve got a plethora of food vendors and LEC cafes will be open inside as well!
    • We’ve gathered your local to national favorites from Roy’s Lemonade to a national BBQ champion to cowboy donuts/funnel cakes & lots of cold drinks/desserts
    • LEC’s own top sellers from our banquet menu will be rotating through daily at the Good Times Grill just behind the Rodeo Office including healthier options like wraps and salads.
  5. Rodeo & Equine Expo is a SELL OUT!!
    • We’ve got nearly 120,000 square feet of shopping fun for all Western-lifestyle interests including living quarters trailer and other equipment—all inside in A/C comfort.
    • Watch for the vendor list to be unveiled any moment on the web site
    • The first day of Saturday, July 17th is reserved just for NHSFR competitors and their families.  The Expo will open to the public starting Sunday through the next Saturday.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone soon at check-in and then at the contestant meeting 11 am Sunday morning.

***NEW: If you like a nice hot breakfast after a long drive, there will be a all-you-can-eat pancake feed Sunday morning in the Grandstand by our local Cornhusker Kiwanis Club**

Best way to send in remaining facility questions is by social media @NHSFRLincoln or call our office 8-5, M-F until you arrive when we’ll be open weekends too at 402-441-6545, option 0.

Travel safe,

Amy & the LEC Fairgrounds team

P.S. Take a look at the TV ads running in Nebraska inviting fans to see you all in action!

P.S.S.  Be sure to invite all your friends & family—still plenty of room in town & lots to do.  See local & statewide travel tips just for you here.

Amy Dickerson

Managing Director



We have had a lot of questions on health papers and coggins when coming to the National Finals in Nebraska.  We have been in contract with the State Veterinarian for the state of Nebraska and have some answers that we think might help with your questions.

Coggins Papers:

  • You need the copy that is right behind the white copy the vet keeps (usually a yellow paper). 
    • This is what is sent to you as the owner from your state vet.  
    • The copy must be of the actual Equine Infectious Anemia Test Form. 
    • These are good for one year.
  • The form will include the following information:
    • Says Equine Infectious Anemia Test Form  with Serial number, date Blood Drawn
    • Name and address of owner. 
    • Short written description of horse along with a drawn picture of a horse filled in with distinguishing markings
    • Bottom of page  is info from laboratory along with state vet or approved technician signature.
  • If electronic form is used in your state/province, you need a photo of  Equine Infectious Anemia Test paper which is sent to your phone.
  • You can also use an email with a picture  with the Equine Infectious Anemia Test paper with current results on phone or printed email to be shown when you check in.   
    • The electronic form of the Equine Infectious Anemia Test or printed email should have all the same information as the paper one above.


Health Papers:

  • These are good for 30 days and must have address of place you are taking the horse which is:
    • State of Nebraska will not recognize this as a current health paper event though they are good for 30 days.
    • Lancaster Event Center, 4100 N. 84th Street, Lincoln, NE 68507 
    • If your health paper has a space for two different locations you can write the address of the different places on the same health paper. 
    • If there is only a space for one location you must get a separate health paper for the other place you are going.
    • You cannot just list the place under the first place on the paper if there is not a place provided for the 2nd location on the form.
      • For example:  you live in Texas and are going to Oklahoma and then to Nebraska to compete you would need two different health papers unless there is room on original paper to write two different locations.
      • If you don’t have this correct paper with you are actually illegal when you cross the Nebraska state line.


Give me a call directly at any of below numbers if any further questions! 

Travel safe,




Justy Hagan

Event Coordinator

The 2021 Junior High 8th Grade Cinch Academic and High School Graduating Senior Qualifier Foundation scholarship applications are posted on the NHSRA website at  and at Please note that the NHSR Foundation is now a .org.

A few notes:

  • These scholarships are only open to NJHFR and NHSFR qualifiers.
  • The Junior High Cinch Academic is truly an academically focused scholarship, so please encourage your qualifiers with high grades/high grade point averages to apply. 
  • With the highest priority of health and safety in mind, there will be no interviews at either National Finals, so the applications and supporting documents are very important.  Please emphasize that point.
  • The deadline will be enforced and ALL documents must be submitted by the deadline.
  • There will be NO computers or printers available onsite for those that wait until the last minute to submit or to access transcripts. 
  • Scholarship funds are paid to universities, colleges or technical/certification schools, NOT to recipients and are used for tuition or related educational expenses (lab fees, materials purchased through the university, for example). Funds are available for undergraduate and graduate work, hair school, auctioneering school, horse shoeing school, realtor school, certification classes, etc.  Anything educational is eligible and encouraged!
  • Scholarship funds are NOT liquidated (cashed out) to recipients under any circumstances.
  • Scholarships may only be used after graduation, NOT for college credit courses taken in high school. 

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PATCHED RULE - The rule can be found on page 146-147 in the NHSRA Rulebook. Contestants failing to comply with this rule at the NJHFR or NHSFR will result in a disqualification, the NHSRA will not be responsible for covering or taping unauthorized patches.

There are two camping options on grounds:

Prices (with local taxes included) listed are for the entire time period from noon July 15 – noon July 25, 2020:

  • Main LEC Campground: $350 for entire rodeo with 30/50 Amp electric & water (note no tents allowed)
  • Tent/Dry Camping Field: $125 for entire rodeo just across street (golf cart, vehicle or pedestrian access) in cover crop field with no utilities
  • EACH CONTESTANT FAMILY (regardless if more than 1 contestant in same household) may request ONE space with water/electric service in the main LEC campground. 
    • Additional main LEC Fairgrounds campground spaces with electric/water for non-contestants (i.e. extended family or additional for same family, coaches, etc.) will only be considered after JULY 1 when ALL contestants are placed. However, we consider the probability low for non-contestant full-service spaces. 
    • If your team has other folks with heart set on camping, we really recommend checking out some of the wonderful campgrounds located very nearby on lakes or with full services like pools in the area—great place to take a break from the rodeo as a family.  A list is located here for campgrounds in Lancaster County:
A list of all hotels, including many offering NHSFR discounts, can be found at


You may find opportunities for available rentals through one (or more) of the following:

  • NHSFR Lincoln RV Rentals Facebook group--search in Facebook or from
  • VRBO, Airbnb, etc.


  • Bring sewer hose they want the sewer truck to hook up to, if any.
  • For dry camping: Bring water hose if they will be requesting water fill.
  • For campsite damage of any kind, a minimum of $200 fine will be charged to the State after move-out inspection.

Helpful items: 

If want to rent a golf cart book early online

Non-competitors can purchase a wristband ahead of time and save $ or can pay per performance

Fans for horses and electrical extension cords

Maybe mats for stalls


50/30/110 Electrical adaptors for camping and extras in case it “walks away”

Lock for tack

Fly Spray

Manure fork


Long hose

Rug spikes


Dirt Terrell


Lancaster Event Center Fairgrounds
Saturday, July 24, 2021     From:  8:00 AM  To: 10:00 PM