Huron SD
Saturday, June 29, 2019     From:  7:00 AM  To: 10:00 PM


Huron SD
Sunday, June 23, 2019     From:  8:00 AM  To: 7:00 PM
Cody Story will be the acting National Director for the Jr. High Finals

NOTICE ABOUT PARKING AND STALLS -  I contacted National about where you would be parking and stalling this is the reply I received.

Since not all the campsites are assigned and the stalls are not completely up, unfortunately, I do not no where Colorado will be parked or stalled.  They will get assignments at check-in.  If they want to know where they will be camped, it will most likely be around the same area they were last year.

Lyn Ankeny

National High School Rodeo Association

PS - Sherri does not know where the Jr. High parked last year. Please ask someone who was there. Thanks

No outside golf carts allowed on South Dakota State Fairgrounds.  This is for insurance liability reasons. 

Dever [the Golf Cart Rental Company] is doing their best to bring more golf carts to fulfill requests on the wait list. 
That being said, please call and reserve a cart if you wish: https://www.nhsra.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Golf-Car-Flyer_-2019-NJHFR.pdf

BRUNCH - 9 A.M.  after church.

Casey Veatch is going to be taking care of the Group Messages at the National Finals. Please go on to the Google Form (See below) and sign up so he has your contact. Thanks 

Install the Finals App from this link on your iPhone or Android Phone - https://5xktr.glideapp.io (times and schedules are subject to change)
Join the group chat - https://web.groupme.com/join_group/50734916/hJe43uKu - You will need to install the GroupMe app.
The Google Form can come down too.

Tod Sloan Saddles Order Dates

Suggested ordering date for your State with your state champions. This is only a suggestion to ease traffic flow & wait time. We understand that the participants have very busy schedules during the week, so it is only a suggested order date.

Sunday, June 23rd (21)
Colorado (17)

National JH Contestants,

I am sending this message to let you know that if families show up in Huron with an extra horse on their trailer that they did not previously reserve a stall for, we will not have anywhere to put them and the owners will not be able to house that horse on grounds.  Every year we always get a couple of families that throw on an extra horse just in case and then we scramble for stalls.  This year we have a record number of stalls reserved and just don’t have ANY room to work with.  Please communicate this to your families as they prepare to travel to Huron.

Thanks much, Lyn